Our little world at Grassfield Hall

Winter is well and truly here, when it’s not snowing it’s certainly extremely icy and bitterly cold. This is the first winter that I have been open at Grassfield Hall b&b, and it is as expected, fairly quiet, which is how we predicted it would be, the bookings are coming in for spring and summer so I’m taking the time to learn some new skills….marketing!
I put myself on a marketing and social media course which was very interesting, mostly for the other people who were on it as they clearly found my lack of knowledge in this area quite amusing. It was amusing and entertaining at times, I pointed out that during all my years of working as cabin crew, putting together spread sheets was not a high priority! I think they thought I had been living under a rock, and I realised just how little I knew about how businesses promote themselves. I did see the funny side and secondly I do like a challenge, that said, it certainly is challenging, I may know a lot about customer service, but I’m not too good at telling people that I’m good at it. So here I am spreading the word, everyday I get companies calling me and emailing me, wanting to ‘help’ me, but I would like to have the sense of achievement when I succeed, and to have done it without the help of a professional. I’m hoping that I have a product that is good enough to partly promote itself, surely thats half the battle won. I certainly am learning a lot of new skills, and I think you learn things about yourself when you start doing something that’s outside your comfort zone, I didn’t think I would ever find myself writing a blog, anyone who knows me knows I wear my heart on my sleeve and that I love to talk, so a blog is perfect for me, but apart from anything else It’s therapeutic to document the journey that we are on and let people in to our little world at Grassfield hall.

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