Whats’s new at Grassfield Hall

A new year

Its time to think about the past year, everybody does it, thinks about what they have achieved and could have done differently. Our project has at times been very overwhelming and exhausting, and of course at the start of a new year we reflect on this, but this new year is different, as the end is in sight, we have looked back with pride with the achievement so far, it was worth it, and when my guests tell me that they have loved their stay and will be back, I know this project was meant to be.

So to look forward, lots of exciting things in the pipeline, the landscaping of the gardens, designing the bedrooms and finishing the function rooms. The difference this year is that alongside the build runs our now successful B&B. It’s an absolute pleasure to meet all our new customers, and hear their appreciation  for our house, they all want to know its story, and how we found it.

My aim for the next month is to let people know about our B&B, as a business it has been closed for many years so its not on the radar so to speak. As my previous career was as cabin crew, marketing was not part of my job, but I like a challenge, so that’s the aim, and I don’t like to be beaten when I set my self a challenge. Happy new year to you all.