Whatever next for Grassfield Hall


It was the year that we had been working towards for several years

It certainly turned out an eventful final year to our build… I learned many new skills, tested my patience to its limits, I was amazed by people both in a positive and a negative way, but overall I am just so proud of the end result.

It’s been almost a year since I last posted on my blog, forgive me, I’ve been a bit busy! The pressure was definitely on in 2017, as a year before we had made a decision to book two weddings in for the summer of 2017. The renovation workload was huge, but we believed it was achievable, and achieve it we did! Only just though! The commitment from the team to get us wedding ready was incredible and I was amazed by how they were prepared to work quite literally around the clock to complete the renovations. I also had many friends who turned up to see how we were doing and didn’t go home for days… that’s something I won’t forget. It was possibly the hardest experience I’ve had, the pressure of knowing that letting the bride and groom down was just not an option, yet also being realistic about what was achievable in the time available, and not wanting to push the team of people we had working here too far, but we did it and we gave our couples an incredible day. The icing on the cake was that most of the guests were locals so it was a chance for us to showcase our beautiful Grassfield Hall, and the reaction was far better than I had hoped.
After the weddings we were very busy in the bed and breakfast, and kept that way until October. It felt like being on a very fast rollercoaster and by the time November arrived I was glad to get off. Having now had a few more chilled out months, I can reflect on the chaos, stress and excitement and although I’m so glad that 2017 is behind us I’m also very pleased we pushed ourselves to get the Hall up and running. There is only so long you can live on a building site and still have a smile on your face!

As well as all the building work we were also selected for the final three in visit England’s best B&B plus received a 9/10 score by the telegraph travel.
So now we move forward and January has been great for reassessing what we now want to do with the house, some ideas we have had will be a success I’m sure but other ideas like big marquee weddings simply won’t. life will be different now, no longer running a building site, but runing a business instead, exciting times ahead, and it seems fate that we celebrate our 20th wedding Anniversary this year, on the year that our dream for Grassfield Hall comes to fruition.