5 Wedding Trends Set to Be Huge in 2023

Just as we get ready to say goodbye to 2022, we look forward to a whole new wedding calendar, full of love, joy, and creativity.

Here at Grassfield Hall, we are always looking for new ideas and inspiration to pass on to our couples. Therefore, here we’ve put together a guide to 5 of the biggest trends we expect to see during the 2023 wedding season…

The mid-week wedding

The cost-of-living crisis is leaving a big hole in all of our pockets, but that doesn’t mean that our couples need to delay celebrating the greatest day of their lives!

We’ve definitely seen mid-week weddings growing in popularity at Grassfield Hall, and it’s certainly something to think about if you are considering getting married in 2023. Firstly, your wedding will certainly be considerably cheaper if you choose a non-weekend wedding date. Not only will your venue hire be less expensive (we offer a £1000 discount for a 2-night Wednesday wedding), but also you will find that caterers, florists, and entertainers might be cheaper too, as these dates are less in-demand. Worried about your guests not being able to attend? Generally, you will find that your friends and family will be more than happy to book a day off work to come and celebrate with you, plus with flexible working schemes, it’s now easier than ever to enjoy mid-week fun.

The twilight wedding

Once you have confirmed the day of your wedding, it’s time to start thinking about what time of day you want to hold your ceremony and celebrations. Twilight weddings are currently having a moment, and the trend is set to continue well into next year and beyond. Gone is the necessity to have a traditional 12 o’clock or 1 pm ceremony, as many couples are now seeing the benefits of a later kick-off time.

In the spring/summer months, twilight weddings generally kick off about 5 pm or 6 pm, which is a totally romantic time of day to get married with all that evening dusk appeal and pink/orange skies above. Not only that, but a later wedding also allows you longer to get ready during the day and takes the pressure off to meet your pre-nuptial deadlines. Plus, as guests will be arriving later in the day, you could save costs by only having to serve one evening meal or perhaps opting for canapes/bowl food, without the need for a full wedding breakfast.

The outdoor wedding

The Covid restrictions saw lots of couples opting for outdoor weddings and temporary permission was granted to allow licensed venues to host ceremonies outdoors – whether they had a structure outside or not. This proved to be so popular that it’s now permanent and providing your venue has a wedding license, you can marry in any location outdoors.

Getting married alfresco allows you to be creative and embrace the natural surroundings. Here at Grassfield Hall, we are blessed with a stunning backdrop of North Yorkshire countryside, which makes the ultimate setting for an outdoor ceremony and beautiful wedding photographs too.

The intimate wedding

There used to be so much pressure to invite the whole world and their wives to your wedding, but luckily, the trend is now moving to smaller, more intimate weddings, with only a few special people. After all, the day of your marriage should be about the love you two share and celebrating that with the people who you absolutely love the most.

As well as the obvious budget implications a smaller wedding solves, it also creates a much more relaxed and intimate setting. It means you can spend more time with your close friends and family and enjoy a more personal and unforgettable experience overall. Sorry, Great Auntie Sheila, but you just don’t make the cut anymore!

The eco-friendly wedding

We are all conscious of how we can make a difference to reduce our carbon footprint and help reduce climate change. Therefore, we are seeing more and more couples trying to reduce the impact that their wedding has on the environment.

From recycled wedding stationery to eco-friendly favours, there are many creative ways to make your wedding more sustainable and environmentally friendly. You could consider renting your wedding dress instead of buying a new one (which could mean wearing a designer that would usually be way out of your budget) and be sure to talk things through with your caterer to choose a menu that is locally sourced, sustainable, and seasonal.


For more information on weddings at Grassfield Hall, or to check dates for your 2023 wedding, please get in touch with Lisa on 07958 038134 or email  info@grassfield-hall.co.uk