What makes Grassfield Hall the perfect venue for your location shoot?

At Grassfield Hall, we’ve played host to many amazing photo shoots and video demos. From bridalwear to maternity clothing, jewellery, and food, we’ve opened our doors to both local and national brands looking for beautiful backdrops to display their new product lines.

If you are currently looking for a photoshoot venue and are wondering if Grassfield Hall could be right for you, then read on to find out why we could be a perfect fit…

A dreamy backdrop

Grassfield Hall is a venue steeped in history and charm, but with modern features and stylish interior design, it appeals to a wide range of target audiences and age groups. Our picturesque hall boasts sprawling green landscapes and enchanting woodland areas for you and your crew to embrace, and inside you can make use of our fabulous aviation-inspired bar, our stylish lounge, and our elegant Hanley Room with flattering reflective glass and ornate chandeliers.

Size and space

The size of the venue and the space available are likely to be really important when planning your shoot. Luckily, there is more than enough room here for your equipment, props, and the people involved in the shoot without feeling cramped. With 8 bedrooms – all with ensuite bathrooms –  your models or actors can have all the space they need to chill and relax in between shoots or scenes.

Amazing lighting

Natural light is often preferred for photoshoots, and all our rooms have ultra-high ceilings and huge windows allowing for ample natural light sources. Our grand hall entrance has a double-height ceiling with the opportunity for bird’s eye view photography from the balcony above.

Versatility and variety

Grassfield Hall offers a variety of settings and backdrops to provide diverse options for your photos. From the impressive entrance hall with marble flooring, grand piano, and stunning high ceilings to our decadent dining room and master suite featuring chandeliers and an emperor sleigh bed, the backdrops hold no limits when it comes to the creative process. Our space is ready to be brought to life with models, props, and floral displays.

All the amenities

With a large, modern kitchen with an Aga, multiple bathrooms, and a fully functional utility room, we have you covered when it comes to the amenities needed for your shoot. Plus, with 7 bedrooms on site, you can work over several days if required.

Ambiance and acoustics

The ambiance and atmosphere of your chosen location should align with the concept and style of your photoshoot. Grassfield’s sophisticated yet friendly vibe is sure to positively enhance the overall aesthetic of your shoot, helping you to create imagery that is authentic and captivating. If audio is important for your project, our hall also has great acoustics and due to our secluded location, there is little disturbance or background noise to worry about.

All seasons and any weather

We are a perfect year-round venue with an array of magical and inspiring settings both inside and outdoors. If you’re shooting outdoors, you can make use of the beautiful rolling hills of North Yorkshire as your backdrop, as well as the array of nature within our estate grounds. But, if bad weather should strike, there are plenty of solutions inside the hall as well as under our outside pergola area.

Location and accessibility

Within easy reach of Harrogate, York, and Leeds, Grassfield Hall is perfectly placed as a five-star Yorkshire photoshoot venue. Whether you are arriving by road, air, or train, we can help organise your onward travel arrangements, as well as crew catering if needed. We have oodles of parking and are close to local amenities in Pateley Bridge.


It’s likely that privacy and security may be essential to create a comfortable and focused environment for your shoot. With a private drive and secure entrance, we can ensure that you will have all the privacy you need to carry out a safe and successful project.


If you are interested in finding out more or want to check date availability, then please email Lisa at info@grassfield-hall.co.uk or call  07958 038134.




Planning a luxury Christmas party for a small group

We know, we know, it’s far too early to be mentioning the C word, but the truth is, if you want to secure the best suppliers for your Christmas party, then it’s essential that you begin to confirm some elements now.

There’s really no better way to spread the festive cheer and boost office morale than by planning an unforgettable office Christmas party. Whether you’re a HR manager or an enthusiastic colleague volunteering for the task, a well-organised office holiday party can create lasting memories for years to come and foster a sense of togetherness among your colleagues.

If your team is small, then you have the fortune of being able to plan a delightful and intimate experience, and we are well-versed in hosting these at Grassfield Hall. To get you started, we’ve suggested some ideas below to help you get the vital parts sorted in advance…


The Venue:

When planning something special and unforgettable, your venue is everything. Hosting your party at a beautiful and elegant venue with lots of character means that you don’t really have to think too much about décor because it’s already there for you to enjoy.

Having a small group also means that you can incorporate a stayover as part of the celebration so that your guests don’t have to worry about transport or getting home late. It makes things extra special and luxurious being able to check in to a glamourous hotel room with plenty of space to relax and get ready in.

We love hosting Christmas parties at Grassfield Hall because it’s a very special time of year for us. We dress the hall with luxurious decorations, trees and accessories, and enjoy sharing happy memories with everyone who comes to stay.


The Date:

The festive season is hectic with so many parties and family gatherings to work around, and that’s without thinking about the client deadlines to meet before the office closes for the year.

Therefore, try to pick a date and time that work for the majority of your colleagues. Avoid scheduling the party too close to Christmas, as many people may have prior commitments then, and consider mid-week dates which might be easier for colleagues with children and weekend commitments. Thursday nights are a popular choice for parties here as they allow for a transition into a long weekend with the option to ‘work from home’ on Friday when there are likely to be some rather sore heads!


The Vibe:

Once you’ve got your dates and venue sorted, you can relax a little as the hardest parts are now sorted!

Choosing the vibe of your party is the best part. Perhaps you want a wellness theme complete with yoga lessons, a countryside hike and a smoothie bar to revitalise your colleagues after a busy year. Or, maybe music, dancing and amazing food are on the cards to celebrate a season of success. Either way, we can help you to create the perfect event without the stress and organisation from your side.

Themed parties are lots of fun and will give you a point of focus for the event’s finer details (invites, décor, dress code, catering etc.) Ideas such as Winter Wonderland, Vintage Glam, or Old Hollywood all offer that sophisticated and luxurious edge and are easy to interpret with minimal fuss but maximum effect.

The great thing about Grassfield Hall is that it caters to everyone and every theme; a stunning mirrored dining room for private dining, a cool bar area for cocktails and mingling and a cosy lounge area with plush seating around a roaring fireplace for guests to relax and re-charge.


The Entertainment:

Hiring caterers or a private chef will make your evening extra special and super slick as your caterer will take care of everything to make your dining experience seamless and restaurant-grade, including waiter service, drink service and clearing away at the end of the night.

And, when it comes to the food choices, festive menus don’t have to include the generic prawn cocktail or turkey options. You could opt for a Middle-Eastern banquet or mouth-watering platters of seafood and mezze spread across the table to share. White chocolate fountains are always fun and work brilliantly if you go for the Vintage Hollywood theme, as are champagne towers featuring stacked vintage coupes.

During or after dinner, you could also consider some extra entertainment to keep the evening flowing and your guests engaged. A professional magician, a tarot card reader or a caricature artist, for example, would be great choices. You could also opt for a casino night with roulette tables and blackjack, or even a murder mystery theme for more immersion and intrigue. For something a little lower maintenance, but equally as enjoyable, you could choose a cocktail-making or wine-tasting session with a knowledgeable sommelier from the local area, which most people tend to enjoy.

Ensure you remember the occasion with a photo booth complete with theme-appropriate props or hire a professional photographer to capture the fun and games.


Let’s get started!

We hope that we’ve now inspired you to start planning your festive office party at Grassfield Hall.

We still have a small selection of one-night stays left at the end of November and the beginning of December, so get in touch with Lisa to find out if your date is available.

We would love to help you to host THE party of the year with your friends and team members. We have a wide range of amazing contacts in the Yorkshire area that we can call on to ensure that every detail is perfect for your special occasion.


Contact Lisa for more info on:

Tel: 07958 038134

Email: info@grassfield-hall.co.uk





What are the benefits of a midweek wedding?

Here at Grassfield Hall, we are big fans of a midweek wedding. So much so, that we offer an exclusive £1,000 discount on all 2-night midweek weddings in our venue.

Aside from the cost savings, we believe that there are many other tempting benefits to having a mid-week wedding, as opposed to the more traditional weekend wedding.

Here are five of our favourite reasons….

1. Cost savings

It has to be said that one of the biggest benefits of having a mid-week wedding is saving money. As well as discounted rates for your wedding venue, you can often negotiate better discounts with your other suppliers too. This can result in significant cost savings for you and your family, allowing you to allocate more budget to other aspects of your wedding or even put more in the pot for your dream honeymoon!

2. Better availability of suppliers

Since weekends are peak times for weddings, your first-choice venue, caterer, florist and wedding band may already be booked months or even years in advance. However, mid-week weddings are less common and more likely to have availability. This gives you a wider range of options to choose from, which can be particularly advantageous if you have your heart set on lots of specific details to make your day even more special. This can result in a more personalised day for you both.

3. More intimate and relaxed

Mid-week weddings tend to be smaller and more intimate compared to weekend weddings. And, with fewer guests in attendance, you can really spend more quality time with everyone present, creating a more relaxed and personal atmosphere. These intimate connections and meaningful interactions with loved ones are sure to make your wedding experience more memorable and special for everyone taking part in the celebration.

4. Flexibility for guests

Even though certain members of your wedding party may need to take a day or two off work to attend, midweek weddings can actually offer more flexibility for guests. Travel is usually easier during the week, avoiding busy weekend tourist traffic and higher train fares. Plus, guests may find it easier to take a day or two off during the week compared to taking a whole weekend off depending on their occupation. Additionally, mid-week weddings can allow guests to plan a longer period in the area to enjoy the event beyond just the wedding day. Guests might consider extending their stay in the area or taking a minibreak, making it a unique and more memorable experience for them as well.

5. A break from the norm

Who wants to blend in with the crowd anyway? Mid-week weddings stand out and show that you are daring to be different. They tend to be more memorable due to their unconventional nature and offer a break from the traditional weekend wedding routine. It’s likely that your midweek wedding will come as a refreshing change for both you and your guests to reflect your individual personalities and style.


If you are open to a non-traditional approach to your wedding and are looking for potential cost savings, unique experiences, and more flexibility, a mid-week wedding can be a great option.

Get in touch with Lisa to discuss our latest midweek availability and discount details.

Grassfield Hall
Low Wath Road
Pateley Bridge
North Yorkshire

Tel: 07958 038134
Tel: 07956 577303

Email: info@grassfield-hall.co.uk


Outdoor active weekends in Harrogate

Deep in the heart of Nidderdale, but only a short drive from Harrogate, Grassfield Hall is the perfect location for an active weekend.

Nidderdale is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and as such, offers plenty of outdoor attractions to satisfy even the most energetic travellers, whether you’re a walker, thrill seeker or looking for some family fun.

We’ve come up with our top 10 activities to keep you entertained on a weekend here at Grassfield Hall. And the majority of them are under 30 minutes drive away.

And after your fun-filled day of cycling, hiking or zorbing? What better way to relax than back at Grassfield Hall in our large, comfortable beds, double Jacuzzi baths or in our cosy lounge with a cup of Yorkshire tea.

1. Climbing at Brimham Rocks

Brimham Rocks circular walk | N Yorkshire | National Trust

A dramatic outcrop of weird and wonderful ancient formations, Brimham Rocks is the perfect place to release your inner child. Young and old alike will love squeezing through the tight passages and clambering on top of the rocks to be rewarded with fantastic panoramic views over Nidderdale.

If you want to up the thrill factor, you can try your hand at bouldering, climbing or abseiling on various days held throughout the year. Visit www.nationaltrust.org.uk for dates.

2. Canyoning at How Stean Gorge

How Stean Gorge - Where to go With Kids - North Yorkshire

Fancy abseiling, climbing, sliding and jumping your way down England’s highest cascading waterfall? Cautley Spout is 650ft high and taking it on is sure to be one of the most memorable (and wettest) adventures you’ll experience.

You’ll need a moderate level of fitness and experience of abseiling to take part. But on the day, you’ll learn skills such as rope work and get to take on a huge abseil directly down a waterfall. Don’t worry, you’ll be in the safe hands of a qualified instructor the whole time.

Visit https://www.howstean.co.uk

3. Hiking around Fewston Reservoir

Whether you fancy a gentle stroll or you want to take it up a notch, there’s some great walking to be had at Fewston, where you can enjoy   fantastic views of the water, rolling hills and an impressive dam. The reservoir is four miles round on relatively flat ground, or veer off halfway and head upwards through pastures and woodland plantations to Beecroft for panoramic views of Fewston and its neighbour reservoir, Swinsty.

Insider tip: It can get busy, especially at weekends, so head here early to beat the crowds.

Visit https://www.yorkshirewater.com

4. Road biking in Nidderdale Valley

Caroline Leek | Cycling Grassfield Hall

With its challenging climbs, sweeping bends and stunning vistas, Nidderdale offers many great cycling opportunities. So good in fact, it formed part of stage one of the Tour de France in 2014, as well as the Tour de Yorkshire in previous years.

From the killer climbs of Trapping House and Two Stoops or the family-friendly Nidderdale Greenway, whatever your riding predilection, there’s a route to cater to it. And plenty of picturesque villages to stop at and have a well-deserved slice of cake or refreshing pint.

Most routes will involve a climb (this is Yorkshire, after all!), so why not consider hiring an e-bike to take the strain for you. They’re great fun and will power you over those hills so you can enjoy the beautiful countryside without breaking as much of a sweat.

Visit https://nidderdaleaonb.org.uk

5. Strolling in Fountains Abbey

With a deer park, Cistercian monastery and Georgian water garden, you can spend an entire day exploring Fountains Abbey and Studley Royal and marvelling in their splendour.

The monastery’s ancient ruins form a dramatic silhouette against the skyline. Take your time to wander in and out of the ruins and marvel at their splendour. The cellarium is particularly breath-taking and plays host to various live music events during the year, so it’s worth checking out what’s on when you visit.

Next, it’s time to venture on into the beautiful grounds of Studley Royal with its UNESCO World Heritage Site designated landscaped water garden, not to mention a realm of curiosities to discover, such as statues, follies, tunnels and woodland paths.

Visit https://www.nationaltrust.org.uk

6. Golfing at Masham Golf Club

Hole 4 - Masham Golf Club

Founded in 1895, Masham is one of the oldest golf courses in the UK and even claims to have been a favourite of Bing Crosby!

Made up of sloping greens and undulating fairways, it’s dissected by the river Burn and surrounded by picturesque countryside, offering fabulous views from each tee. Although it’s a 9-hole course, most people play the round twice, with at least five of the holes offering a good challenge.

Visitors are warmly welcomed and the clubhouse terrace offers a view overlooking the river, making it the perfect place for après-golf refreshments.

Visit https://mashamgolfclub.co.uk/

7. Clay pigeon shooting at Hazel Bank

Whether you’re a seasoned shooter or you’ve always wanted to try, you’ll have a great experience at Hazel Bank.

With a 3.4 acre site, they offer an excellent facilities for experienced shooters, with 5 pegs designed to be both testing and fun. You’ll also find a DTL (Down the line) range where you can practice your consistency.

Never shot before? Hazel Bank offer lessons to beginners as well as those who’d like to hone their skills. Their experienced instructors will have you hitting clays right from the start.

Visit www.hazelbankshooting.co.uk

8. Body zorbing at Ripley Castle

Body Zorbing - Bubble Football Harrogate | Live For Today

If you haven’t rolled around in a giant inflatable ball with only your legs dangling, have you ever really had fun?

Set in the impressive grounds of Ripley Castle, body zorbing is a brilliant way to have fun, work up a sweat and bond (or maybe establish healthy competition!) with your nearest and dearest.

Once you’re secured in your zorb, you can run, roll, bump and bounce around the course and into each other. Instructors will be on hand to ensure you get the most out of your experience, whether that’s a football match or long-forgotten playground games like British Bulldog.

Visit www.live-for-today.com

9. Outdoor yoga 

Caroline Leek | Yoga Harrogate

Ready for some downtime? Take your yoga mat outside in our glorious gardens and do your own practice, or alternatively, we can arrange for a private yoga instructor to come to the hall for a special lesson.

Weather permitting, you’ll always be able to find a quiet space to lay out, listen to the birds and find your zen.

10. Laser tag at Stockeld Park

Like paintballing, but without the mess and the pain, laser tag at Stockeld Park allows you to indulge your competitive spirit, work as a team and get a workout without realising it.

Armed with state-of-the-art laser tag guns, you’ll get the run of a woodland course with a bomb shelter, dugout and abandoned vehicle to help you overpower and outmanoeuvre the other team. Want to make it interesting? The losing team has to buy the drinks afterwards.

Visit www.stockeldpark.co.uk


Get in touch with us to plan your active outdoor weekend at Grassfield Hall. Email  info@grassfield-hall.co.uk


Planning your private party at Grassfield Hall

Throughout the year, we play host to many private parties and celebrations here at Grassfield Hall. From Christenings and birthdays to engagements and retirement parties, there are so many reasons to book the hall for the weekend.

The hall sleeps 17 people, so why not contact us to get your date book in, and then you can make a guest list of all your favourite people that you would like to invite.

Here we have put together a special how-to guide featuring ideas and inspiration for your private party, whatever the occasion is.

Make it personal

One of the loveliest things we see when people host their parties here is the amount of personalisation and detail that goes into the planning. Customising the hall for your guest’s arrival shows that you have really put a lot of effort into the celebration and that you really care. It really makes a big difference.

We’ve helped guests with everything from personalised helium balloons to photo walls, and seating plans for dinner. We can produce name cards, have your favourite hobby turned into a birthday cake, and even put together goodie bags to be left on your guests’ beds when they arrive.

Want to capture the whole event without having to worry about taking pictures on your phone? We can also organise for a private photographer to come and photo or film your weekend so that you have memories to remember forever.

Let a private chef do the cooking

Preparing meals for a large group of people can be overwhelming for even the most confident of home cooks. Therefore, why not allow a private chef or caterer to take care of the cooking? Private chefs take the stress out of dinner and make your celebrations feel even more special. And, in fact, they might not be as expensive as you think. We have a long contact list of amazing local chefs and caterers that we’ve used over the years and who create beautiful, homemade dishes using locally sourced ingredients. From grazing brunch platters to 3-course sit-down dinners, you can choose the option to suit you.

Another huge benefit of using a caterer or chef is that they take care of the clearing away too. Most companies provide waiting staff who will make sure glasses are topped up and everyone is happy, as well as doing the dishes when everyone has finished. It’s like a restaurant experience in the comfort of your own private house.

Create a sophisticated ambiance

Our Hanley Room is the perfect backdrop for a stylish and intimate dinner party. With its wooden floor, paneled walls, tinted mirrors, and crystal chandeliers, it doesn’t really take much dressing. However, when it comes to the finer details and table decor, you can really add to the wow factor of your evening.

Vintage crockery, cut glass drinkware, and gilded napkin rings all add to the glamour, and depending on your theme, you can also incorporate coloured tablecloths, chair coverings, and napkins too. For more inspiration on table décor, take a look at some of our recent table décor setups here.

Think of a theme

The theme of your party might come automatically from the type of celebration you are hosting. For example, a golden theme for a 50th wedding anniversary or an aviation theme for a retiring pilot. However, if you need some alternative ideas for themes, we would be really happy to brainstorm some ideas with you.

Recently we have hosted murder mystery parties, casino nights, and magic shows. We can organise private yoga classes, painting workshops, and outdoor bootcamp sessions in the garden. Whatever your group is into, we can tailor something perfect for your weekend of fun.

After-dinner entertainment

Many of our guests are not ready to go to bed once their private dinner has finished. So, guests can either retire to the bar or lounge for further drinks, socialising, or board games, or we can arrange for our resident DJ, Craig, to come and play your favourite tunes while you enjoy a little boogie on the dancefloor!

Alternatively, recently we’ve seen a rise in the number of people booking a silent disco at the hall, where you and your guests dance to music listened to on wireless headphones, rather than using a speaker system. We use a company to provide all the equipment so you can be your own DJ for the night without any external noise pollution!


We hope this guide has filled you with inspiration for your private party. We still have some limited availability for weekends in 2023, so get in touch asap to secure your dream date. We look forward to hosting you and your guests soon.

5 Wedding Trends Set to Be Huge in 2023

Just as we get ready to say goodbye to 2022, we look forward to a whole new wedding calendar, full of love, joy, and creativity.

Here at Grassfield Hall, we are always looking for new ideas and inspiration to pass on to our couples. Therefore, here we’ve put together a guide to 5 of the biggest trends we expect to see during the 2023 wedding season…

The mid-week wedding

The cost-of-living crisis is leaving a big hole in all of our pockets, but that doesn’t mean that our couples need to delay celebrating the greatest day of their lives!

We’ve definitely seen mid-week weddings growing in popularity at Grassfield Hall, and it’s certainly something to think about if you are considering getting married in 2023. Firstly, your wedding will certainly be considerably cheaper if you choose a non-weekend wedding date. Not only will your venue hire be less expensive (we offer a £1000 discount for a 2-night Wednesday wedding), but also you will find that caterers, florists, and entertainers might be cheaper too, as these dates are less in-demand. Worried about your guests not being able to attend? Generally, you will find that your friends and family will be more than happy to book a day off work to come and celebrate with you, plus with flexible working schemes, it’s now easier than ever to enjoy mid-week fun.

The twilight wedding

Once you have confirmed the day of your wedding, it’s time to start thinking about what time of day you want to hold your ceremony and celebrations. Twilight weddings are currently having a moment, and the trend is set to continue well into next year and beyond. Gone is the necessity to have a traditional 12 o’clock or 1 pm ceremony, as many couples are now seeing the benefits of a later kick-off time.

In the spring/summer months, twilight weddings generally kick off about 5 pm or 6 pm, which is a totally romantic time of day to get married with all that evening dusk appeal and pink/orange skies above. Not only that, but a later wedding also allows you longer to get ready during the day and takes the pressure off to meet your pre-nuptial deadlines. Plus, as guests will be arriving later in the day, you could save costs by only having to serve one evening meal or perhaps opting for canapes/bowl food, without the need for a full wedding breakfast.

The outdoor wedding

The Covid restrictions saw lots of couples opting for outdoor weddings and temporary permission was granted to allow licensed venues to host ceremonies outdoors – whether they had a structure outside or not. This proved to be so popular that it’s now permanent and providing your venue has a wedding license, you can marry in any location outdoors.

Getting married alfresco allows you to be creative and embrace the natural surroundings. Here at Grassfield Hall, we are blessed with a stunning backdrop of North Yorkshire countryside, which makes the ultimate setting for an outdoor ceremony and beautiful wedding photographs too.

The intimate wedding

There used to be so much pressure to invite the whole world and their wives to your wedding, but luckily, the trend is now moving to smaller, more intimate weddings, with only a few special people. After all, the day of your marriage should be about the love you two share and celebrating that with the people who you absolutely love the most.

As well as the obvious budget implications a smaller wedding solves, it also creates a much more relaxed and intimate setting. It means you can spend more time with your close friends and family and enjoy a more personal and unforgettable experience overall. Sorry, Great Auntie Sheila, but you just don’t make the cut anymore!

The eco-friendly wedding

We are all conscious of how we can make a difference to reduce our carbon footprint and help reduce climate change. Therefore, we are seeing more and more couples trying to reduce the impact that their wedding has on the environment.

From recycled wedding stationery to eco-friendly favours, there are many creative ways to make your wedding more sustainable and environmentally friendly. You could consider renting your wedding dress instead of buying a new one (which could mean wearing a designer that would usually be way out of your budget) and be sure to talk things through with your caterer to choose a menu that is locally sourced, sustainable, and seasonal.


For more information on weddings at Grassfield Hall, or to check dates for your 2023 wedding, please get in touch with Lisa on 07958 038134 or email  info@grassfield-hall.co.uk

Autumn dinner table décor

Autumn is a wonderful time to entertain friends and family. Not only is there the chance to indulge in a range of delicious comfort food menu options, but there is also the opportunity to create a real cosy and welcoming atmosphere in your space to make the occasion even more special.

Here at Grassfield Hall, we are all about making our table décor as showstopping as possible when it comes to private dining. We love the change of the seasons and see it as an opportunity to work with nature as closely as possible. Below we have 4 suggestions for autumn dinner table décor ideas that are easy to create and sure to impress your guests!

Autumn table deocr orange












Autumnal colours are naturally warmer and darker than summer palettes. Browns, oranges, and dark greens make a great colour combination for a seasonal dinner tablescape, but you can still keep things fresh and light using a white tablecloth background and some natural foliage. Take a walk outside to pick up some fallen leaves and twigs, and then intertwine these with some bought fresh flowers to make a beautiful display around your candle holders.

Lighting is really important when you want to create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere so keep the room lighting low and fill your table with candles and fairy lighting wherever possible. We are big fans of floating candles displayed in pretty glass vases, which give a really stylish and soothing vibe on any table.











When you are looking for something a little sultrier and glam, a dark navy tablecloth is a great option. Not only will this give your table some drama and demure, but it also creates a perfect dark-sky backdrop for plenty of twinkle and bling.

You can opt for either gold or silver cutlery, or even a mix of both. Here we have chosen some vintage silver cutlery, mixed with cut glass drink vessels and a selection of antique vases to hold flowers and candles. With such a decadent colour scheme, you can keep your floral display really simple – here we have added a small vase of white roses to keep things subtle, yet pretty.

Afternoon tea decor table










Autumn entertaining doesn’t always mean an evening dinner party. If you want to create more of an informal gathering for friends, then why not plan an afternoon tea party? Vintage crockery lends itself very well for an afternoon tea, and don’t be afraid to mix-match different shapes and patterns as this is all very on-trend for entertaining.

Multiple mini floral displays keep things informal on the table and there is plenty of fun and interesting way to display your cakes and sandwiches including tiered cake stands, or by placing pretty plates on top of wide candle jars and soup bowls.

Green table decor











A dark green table setting really helps to make that connection with nature and autumn. Here we have brought in some greenery from outside and paired it with a natural linen tablecloth and rustic placemats.

The green-tinted wine glasses really help to bring the colour scheme together and we’ve finished off with a wicker basket piled with chunky pieces of fresh bread – all ready to dunk in that piping hot pumpkin soup!

10 Top Tips from Yorkshire’s Best Wedding Experts

We are now entering the height of wedding season, which is so exciting! We absolutely love hosting each and every one of our couples here at Grassfield Hall and sharing their magical experience with them.

Every single wedding is different, and everyone has their own unique taste. However, some things are consistently important on your wedding day – and these things are your suppliers! Your wedding suppliers really are the experts. They have attended hundreds of weddings during their careers, and therefore have the inside scoop on what works and what doesn’t.

In this article, we have rounded up some of the best local suppliers in North Yorkshire to find out their number one tip for an extra special wedding. There are some great bits of advice here, and we hope you find them useful in your planning.

And, as for our top tip, well, of course, that would be to pick your wedding suppliers wisely!!!!

The Aisle Ilkley


“My advice would be to always remember that the only people that really matter are the two of you. Don’t do something to please someone else. It’s your day, do it exactly how you want to – traditions don’t have to be followed!”

Katie Brewer, The Aisle Bridal Studio, Ilkley







“When thinking about your wedding menu, the best advice we can give is to be selfish! Go with the food you love! If you have a dish that is sentimental to you as a couple or a certain cuisine, go for it! The day represents the love between two people and what better way to express that than by sharing food you love with those who are celebrating your day.” 

Ashley Hyde, Director, and Owner of Baba Ganoush Catering, York






“My top tip would be to enjoy every minute as the day goes so quickly. Also, if having a wedding cake, ensure that your venue/caterers cut a small section from each flavour and have them wrap it to be kept separately as on the day you will be so busy you might not get to try your wedding cake. This way you have a little treat to eat the next day or just before you go on honeymoon.”

Dominique, Poppy Pickering Cake Design, Yorkshire





“Two top tips from me! Consider choosing a celebrant to lead your ceremony so you can make your wedding ceremony as personalised, unique, and memorable as the rest of your day. And if you can, definitely use live musicians for the ceremony itself – not just for the reception drinks or evening entertainment. It makes for a much more atmospheric and special walk down the aisle, and a much better exit, and it takes away all the stress and imperfection of someone using a playlist on a phone!”

Rachael Meyer, Humanist Wedding Celebrant





“My number one top tip for my couples would be to ignore the rules and cherish your journey! It’s your day and you should do exactly how you want. Don’t get too wrapped up or stressed out about the small details that you think need to be perfect, your guest won’t mind if your flowers don’t match the groom’s tie perfectly, they are there to celebrate your love! Make sure to enjoy your planning stage and if you don’t want to cut the cake or have a first dance then don’t! Make the planning stages special, you will miss them when they are over, and why not celebrate finding your perfect dress, venue, or photographer with a cocktail or two with your bride tribe!”

Katie, Daisy Bell Photography




“Think about what’s happening when you’re not there! The drinks reception, following on from the ceremony, is the only time during a wedding day when the couple may not be around! Often whilst guests are coming together and mingling at this time the couple is with the photographer getting pictures taken. It’s important to think about your guests and consider arranging something entertaining that engages them and brings them together. Live music is great at creating the right atmosphere, but a closeup magician, caricature artist, and even lawn games are a great way to keep people engaged. The last thing you want is an awkward lull to develop right at the heart of your day, so thinking about what your guests will be doing when you’re not with them could make all the difference! “

Matt Case Sax





“Take a moment to take everything in. Maybe when you’re having your wedding breakfast just take a minute to look around at all the details and the people you love. Your day goes by so fast! Ohh and don’t forget to eat a slice of your cake!”

Where the Ribbon Ends, Cake Design, North Yorkshire  







“I always advise my couples to not wear a watch on their wedding day unless it was a gift or has a special sentiment behind it. We will have spent days, weeks, and months, discussing all the timings for the big day, and I like my couples to have that ‘not a care in the world’ feeling where timings don’t matter. Only that they are enjoying their time with their friends and family…not what time are the band arriving, have the fireworks all been set up, has the cake been delivered, etc…Time management on the day is my job as your wedding planner…..my couples should enjoy their time being the newly married couple!”

Lucy Wright, Lucy Wright Events



“Don’t forget your guests! You’ve got the rings, booked the venue, the photographer, and DJ, and planned your day to be perfect for you, but have you thought about your guests? So much planning goes into a wedding to make it the perfect day, but sometimes that means we forget the guests! The key thing is to make sure your guests are kept happy, relaxed, and engaged whilst you’re away with the photographer getting those perfect first shots as a married couple. This is where I can help. As a magician and wedding host, I’m there to keep your guests entertained whilst they enjoy a drink (or three!). This is a real icebreaker, bringing people together who’ve never met before, bonding everyone together, and providing a whole lot of laughter & fun to a part of the day which can sometimes be a real lull for guests.”

Neil Smith, Magician & Wedding Host




“My no.1 top tip is to trust your florist – we know how to create whimsical floral magic with your budget.”

Petra Schouten, owner of Erica Berry Flowers, Ilkley








For more information on our Grassfield Hall wedding packages or to discuss your bespoke requirements, get in touch with Lisa on 07958 038134 or email info@grassfield-hall.co.uk

How to choose the right wedding suppliers?

We all like surprises occasionally, but when it comes to a wedding day, the fewer surprises the better in our opinion! That’s why choosing your suppliers carefully is so important. You want to be able to trust all your suppliers to do their job seamlessly so that you can relax and enjoy your day to the max.

Here at Grassfield Hall, we always stress the importance of great wedding suppliers. Therefore, we have compiled a handy guide for those of you who are in the process of organising your big day.

Trust your venue

Choosing a venue is an extremely personal choice and the first place you will undoubtedly start your wedding planning journey. As part of your venue selection process, it’s important to determine if there are any supplier restrictions at your venue of choice. Some venues have strict policies on caterers and entertainment suppliers that you must choose from, and you may not be allowed to use the supplier you wanted to work with or the photographer you love. Other venues may simply have a list of suggested suppliers they like to work with but don’t enforce. Either way, you need to know before you commit to anything.

Once you have confirmed your wedding venue, it’s likely you will organise a meeting with their team to go through all your requirements for the wedding day. It’s very important that you trust your venue as they will have had experience planning many weddings before and will be able to recommend suppliers who they know, firsthand, will do a good job. After all, it’s in a venue’s best interests to make sure the suppliers they recommend are reliable and efficient to make the day run smoothly.

It’s vital for us, as a wedding venue, to have a close relationship with all our couples so that we know each of their preferences and how they want the day to look and feel. We send all our couples a supplier brochure so that they can see all the local vendors we suggest and trust to make the day amazing and flawless.

Look local

Choosing local suppliers to the venue is not only a sustainable option (less transport and fuel emissions), but it also makes sense for ease and peace of mind. The last thing you want is your caterers stuck miles away on the motorway on the morning of your wedding with all your food in the back of their van!

Using local suppliers will also help to give your wedding authenticity of what’s so great about that particular region. From locally made wines to DJs with a local accent, there are many ways to embrace the surroundings in a big way. Another bonus is that using local suppliers will often come at a price reduction as there will be minimal transport fees added on and no expensive accommodation costs to pay.

Ask for referrals

Your caterers may claim to make the best Eton Mess in the world, but don’t simply take their word for it! Get as many referrals and recommendations as you can to be able to make a well-informed decision. After all, the best advice you can hope to receive is from other couples who have been in your exact position previously.

Take the time to contact previous venues they have worked with before in order to get to know the business you are interested in hiring. Their former clients are further proof of their success in designing a beautiful product or event. All good supplier relationships take time and trust to build, and these former partnerships can help validate that for you.

Look further than just the product

It’s hard not to get sucked in when you see a beautiful floristry display on your Instagram feed and not want to instantly hire that florist for your wedding day. But, before you do, it’s time to go beyond the product a little to see if their expertise goes further than just the flowers. In other words, there’s no use in hiring a supplier with an amazing product, just to find out that their service and delivery are completely inadequate and unreliable.

A good wedding supplier will provide the whole package – lovely product choice, a fair price, and great service. It’s totally acceptable to demand all three.

Get Social

Social media is an excellent tool for research and identifying great wedding suppliers local to your venue. From make-up artists to chauffeurs, hairdressers, and wedding cake bakers, you are sure to find lots of ideas for people and products you want at your wedding.

Once you’ve made a shortlist, you should arrange calls or meet-ups with two to three of each type of supplier. This may seem a little excessive, however speaking with multiple suppliers will help you with cost comparisons, as well as getting to know the suppliers a little better themselves before you decide.

Hire people you genuinely like

It is HUGELY important that you recruit a wedding army of people who you trust and genuinely like working with. Not only will you be spending many hours on your wedding day with your suppliers, but you’ll also have to work with them in the months leading up to the main event, so any clashing characters could cause unnecessary stress and anxiety. This is why face-to-face contact is always better before you confirm any of the important suppliers.

Ask yourself if you can see yourself going out for a drink with this person and feeling comfortable? If the answer is no, then you probably shouldn’t book them for your big day! Make it a joint decision too. Both members of the couple should feel more than happy with your chosen team. You are likely going to be spending a lot of money on this wedding, so you want to ensure you feel happy with all your selections.

Get everything in writing and put down a deposit

Once you have made your decisions on the suppliers you love, it’s vital you get everything confirmed officially. Word-of-mouth confirmations just won’t do. Although it may seem a little formal to ask for an official contract, especially if you’ve chosen a local hairdresser with whom you get on really well with, however, a written contract protects both sides and ensures you both know what you have committed to.

Contracts help to prevent any future disputes or wedding-related payment issues down the road. Plus, often suppliers are hired months or even years in advance, and when it comes to the run-up to the wedding, either party might have forgotten what was actually agreed all that time ago. Putting down a deposit also ensures that you are officially on the supplier’s books – so there is much less chance that they will let you down nearer the time.

We hope you have found these tips on finding the right wedding supplier useful. Our team at Grassfield Hall is always here to provide you with the most honest advice and all the suppliers we recommend are genuinely amazing at their jobs.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Lisa for recommendations of local suppliers in our area, or for any other wedding-related questions you have

How to plan the perfect weekend break at Grassfield Hall

Taking over Grassfield Hall for a weekend is a special treat. It’s a chance to spend precious time with friends and family, celebrate special occasions and enjoy the magical setting within the Yorkshire Dales.

To help you enjoy your luxury mini-break in Yorkshire even more, here we have compiled an article to give you the inspiration to help you plan your weekend. From private dining experiences to yoga lessons and cycling routes, let us share with you some of our best local secrets to help with your organisation.

Get to know the house before you arrive

We recommend to all our guests try to get to know the layout of the hall before they arrive, therefore, once your booking is confirmed, we will send you a planning guide via email.

Within the guide, you will find a floor plan of the hall, so that you and your guests can get to know the layout of the house before arrival. You might want to allocate bedrooms to each guest in advance, to save time and deliberation once you arrive. This way you can each settle and relax into your own space as soon as you arrive.

There are 8 beautiful bedrooms in the hall, each with their unique style and facilities, therefore you might feel that certain rooms suit certain guests more than others. Elderly friends may want a ground floor room, while others may love a jacuzzi bath or appreciate the best view in the house, or perhaps want their own private lounge area if they are early risers!

Make the most of the surroundings

The Nidderdale AONB is an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty, bordering the Yorkshire Dales National Park to the east and south. Grassfield Hall is ideally situated at the halfway point on the Way of the Roses coast-to-coast cycling route and is in the middle of both the Six Dales Trail and the Nidderdale Way. Therefore, you are perfectly positioned to explore the local surroundings on one or both of your weekend days.

You could spend a long day walking or cycling in the Dales using the maps and guidance from the website www.uppernidderdale.org. Or, perhaps you fancy a visit to How Stean Gorge for some outdoor pursuits, Brimham Rocks for a spot of climbing, or Fountains Abbey to explore the wonderful lake, gardens, and café.

Wherever you choose to go, we can organise a delicious hearty breakfast before you leave, as well as a packed lunch for all guests prepared from our local bakery. Once you return after a long day, all guests will be looking forward to soaking their aching limbs in one of our spa baths or enjoying an invigorating shower in the luxurious bathrooms.

Plan a private dining experience

There are many choices available when it comes to dinner. You could allow us to arrange some transportation and visit one of the many gourmet restaurants in Harrogate or the surrounding areas. From gastro-pubs to International cuisine, we would be happy to recommend some of our favourites in the area.

You could choose to prepare dinner yourselves – perhaps each couple taking on a course to share with everyone. There are many fabulous local producers nearby, where you can get fresh meat and vegetables, as well as some delicious bakeries for dessert.

Alternatively, private dining is always popular with our guests, and we can help you plan a perfect dinner party to wow all of your guests. You can use our private dining room to make your evening that little bit extra special, dressing it exactly as you choose with crockery, name places, and decorations to suit the occasion.

We can suggest local caterers depending on what style of theme or cuisine you would like, and with a team on hand to serve dinner, clear away and refill glasses, you don’t have to spend time running around to accommodate everyone as you would when throwing a party or dinner at home. Simply sit back, enjoy your dinner and your company, and don’t worry about a thing – it’s all under control.

Organise some evening entertainment

After dark, the hall really comes alive, with plenty of potential for fun and games. After spending time in your rooms getting ready for the evening, you and your guests can meet up in the grand hallway for a champagne reception, and why not hire an acoustic singer or pianist to add a relaxed atmosphere.

You could surprise your guests with a magician who magically appears in the dining room before you eat to perform a parlour show. Or, what about dressing up for a murder mystery night – you can hire actors to join in with the dinner party before you find out who done it, or even a Casino night, giving you the opportunity to don your finest black-tie attire and have a flutter on the tables!

A cocktail masterclass is also a great idea for those who love a tipple, and we can arrange for an expert mixologist to come in and give you lessons on how to make your favourite classics.

Alternatively, if you fancy something a little more chilled, we can hire you in a hot tub to splash around on the patio, while sipping on some chilled rosé and admiring the stunning views.

Incorporate some wellbeing

It’s always nice to have a balance of indulgence and wellbeing while on your weekend away. Therefore, as well as the dining and drinking elements, you might want to consider some holistic therapies and activities to leave you all feeling zen and relaxed before you depart.

We can arrange yoga classes, sound baths, or meditation retreats, as well as massages, manicures, or reflexology sessions to have at your leisure.

Also, if healthy eating is your thing, then we can always source specialist dieticians or caterers who can help you to prepare delicious and nutritious meals, juices, and snacks to leave you feeling refreshed and nurtured.

Make it personal

We always believe that it’s the small things that make the most lasting impressions, therefore you could add personal touches throughout your stay to bring a smile to each of your guests.

Why not make an itinerary to leave in each of your guest’s bedrooms for when they arrive so that they can see exactly how the weekend is planned out, or even prepare them a little goodie bag to collect when they arrive with some little keepsakes and local gifts in to remember the weekend.

However, you want your weekend to plan out, our team are here to help you as much or as little as you need. Whether you want complete relaxation, or adventure and activities galore, the opportunities are endless when it comes to creating the perfect weekend at Grassfield Hall! Get in touch to start the planning…