10 Top Tips from Yorkshire’s Best Wedding Experts

We are now entering the height of wedding season, which is so exciting! We absolutely love hosting each and every one of our couples here at Grassfield Hall and sharing their magical experience with them.

Every single wedding is different, and everyone has their own unique taste. However, some things are consistently important on your wedding day – and these things are your suppliers! Your wedding suppliers really are the experts. They have attended hundreds of weddings during their careers, and therefore have the inside scoop on what works and what doesn’t.

In this article, we have rounded up some of the best local suppliers in North Yorkshire to find out their number one tip for an extra special wedding. There are some great bits of advice here, and we hope you find them useful in your planning.

And, as for our top tip, well, of course, that would be to pick your wedding suppliers wisely!!!!

The Aisle Ilkley


“My advice would be to always remember that the only people that really matter are the two of you. Don’t do something to please someone else. It’s your day, do it exactly how you want to – traditions don’t have to be followed!”

Katie Brewer, The Aisle Bridal Studio, Ilkley







“When thinking about your wedding menu, the best advice we can give is to be selfish! Go with the food you love! If you have a dish that is sentimental to you as a couple or a certain cuisine, go for it! The day represents the love between two people and what better way to express that than by sharing food you love with those who are celebrating your day.” 

Ashley Hyde, Director, and Owner of Baba Ganoush Catering, York






“My top tip would be to enjoy every minute as the day goes so quickly. Also, if having a wedding cake, ensure that your venue/caterers cut a small section from each flavour and have them wrap it to be kept separately as on the day you will be so busy you might not get to try your wedding cake. This way you have a little treat to eat the next day or just before you go on honeymoon.”

Dominique, Poppy Pickering Cake Design, Yorkshire





“Two top tips from me! Consider choosing a celebrant to lead your ceremony so you can make your wedding ceremony as personalised, unique, and memorable as the rest of your day. And if you can, definitely use live musicians for the ceremony itself – not just for the reception drinks or evening entertainment. It makes for a much more atmospheric and special walk down the aisle, and a much better exit, and it takes away all the stress and imperfection of someone using a playlist on a phone!”

Rachael Meyer, Humanist Wedding Celebrant





“My number one top tip for my couples would be to ignore the rules and cherish your journey! It’s your day and you should do exactly how you want. Don’t get too wrapped up or stressed out about the small details that you think need to be perfect, your guest won’t mind if your flowers don’t match the groom’s tie perfectly, they are there to celebrate your love! Make sure to enjoy your planning stage and if you don’t want to cut the cake or have a first dance then don’t! Make the planning stages special, you will miss them when they are over, and why not celebrate finding your perfect dress, venue, or photographer with a cocktail or two with your bride tribe!”

Katie, Daisy Bell Photography




“Think about what’s happening when you’re not there! The drinks reception, following on from the ceremony, is the only time during a wedding day when the couple may not be around! Often whilst guests are coming together and mingling at this time the couple is with the photographer getting pictures taken. It’s important to think about your guests and consider arranging something entertaining that engages them and brings them together. Live music is great at creating the right atmosphere, but a closeup magician, caricature artist, and even lawn games are a great way to keep people engaged. The last thing you want is an awkward lull to develop right at the heart of your day, so thinking about what your guests will be doing when you’re not with them could make all the difference! “

Matt Case Sax





“Take a moment to take everything in. Maybe when you’re having your wedding breakfast just take a minute to look around at all the details and the people you love. Your day goes by so fast! Ohh and don’t forget to eat a slice of your cake!”

Where the Ribbon Ends, Cake Design, North Yorkshire  







“I always advise my couples to not wear a watch on their wedding day unless it was a gift or has a special sentiment behind it. We will have spent days, weeks, and months, discussing all the timings for the big day, and I like my couples to have that ‘not a care in the world’ feeling where timings don’t matter. Only that they are enjoying their time with their friends and family…not what time are the band arriving, have the fireworks all been set up, has the cake been delivered, etc…Time management on the day is my job as your wedding planner…..my couples should enjoy their time being the newly married couple!”

Lucy Wright, Lucy Wright Events



“Don’t forget your guests! You’ve got the rings, booked the venue, the photographer, and DJ, and planned your day to be perfect for you, but have you thought about your guests? So much planning goes into a wedding to make it the perfect day, but sometimes that means we forget the guests! The key thing is to make sure your guests are kept happy, relaxed, and engaged whilst you’re away with the photographer getting those perfect first shots as a married couple. This is where I can help. As a magician and wedding host, I’m there to keep your guests entertained whilst they enjoy a drink (or three!). This is a real icebreaker, bringing people together who’ve never met before, bonding everyone together, and providing a whole lot of laughter & fun to a part of the day which can sometimes be a real lull for guests.”

Neil Smith, Magician & Wedding Host




“My no.1 top tip is to trust your florist – we know how to create whimsical floral magic with your budget.”

Petra Schouten, owner of Erica Berry Flowers, Ilkley








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