Autumn dinner table décor

Autumn is a wonderful time to entertain friends and family. Not only is there the chance to indulge in a range of delicious comfort food menu options, but there is also the opportunity to create a real cosy and welcoming atmosphere in your space to make the occasion even more special.

Here at Grassfield Hall, we are all about making our table décor as showstopping as possible when it comes to private dining. We love the change of the seasons and see it as an opportunity to work with nature as closely as possible. Below we have 4 suggestions for autumn dinner table décor ideas that are easy to create and sure to impress your guests!

Autumn table deocr orange












Autumnal colours are naturally warmer and darker than summer palettes. Browns, oranges, and dark greens make a great colour combination for a seasonal dinner tablescape, but you can still keep things fresh and light using a white tablecloth background and some natural foliage. Take a walk outside to pick up some fallen leaves and twigs, and then intertwine these with some bought fresh flowers to make a beautiful display around your candle holders.

Lighting is really important when you want to create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere so keep the room lighting low and fill your table with candles and fairy lighting wherever possible. We are big fans of floating candles displayed in pretty glass vases, which give a really stylish and soothing vibe on any table.











When you are looking for something a little sultrier and glam, a dark navy tablecloth is a great option. Not only will this give your table some drama and demure, but it also creates a perfect dark-sky backdrop for plenty of twinkle and bling.

You can opt for either gold or silver cutlery, or even a mix of both. Here we have chosen some vintage silver cutlery, mixed with cut glass drink vessels and a selection of antique vases to hold flowers and candles. With such a decadent colour scheme, you can keep your floral display really simple – here we have added a small vase of white roses to keep things subtle, yet pretty.

Afternoon tea decor table










Autumn entertaining doesn’t always mean an evening dinner party. If you want to create more of an informal gathering for friends, then why not plan an afternoon tea party? Vintage crockery lends itself very well for an afternoon tea, and don’t be afraid to mix-match different shapes and patterns as this is all very on-trend for entertaining.

Multiple mini floral displays keep things informal on the table and there is plenty of fun and interesting way to display your cakes and sandwiches including tiered cake stands, or by placing pretty plates on top of wide candle jars and soup bowls.

Green table decor











A dark green table setting really helps to make that connection with nature and autumn. Here we have brought in some greenery from outside and paired it with a natural linen tablecloth and rustic placemats.

The green-tinted wine glasses really help to bring the colour scheme together and we’ve finished off with a wicker basket piled with chunky pieces of fresh bread – all ready to dunk in that piping hot pumpkin soup!