It’s just a chair

Exciting times at Grassfield Hall as the end is in sight!


The end of the build that is, and the start of what we have been working towards for 6 years.
When we walked up the drive of the Hall in May 2010, we knew what it could be, we knew it needed to be loved again, and it needed to be taken on by people who would not let it down. I talk about it like its a person, that’s because it is a part of our family now. Its been like the naughty teenager who was constantly testing us and throwing more problems our way, but we have never stopped loving it regardless.
When I look back, to the amount of hours that we have had to work to support the build, and the times when we were over faced and overwhelmed, I’m not sure I could do it again, but now that the end is in sight I literally get butterflies in my stomach thinking of what will be.
The best part is here, planning the rooms final look, the opulence of the Bridal Suites and the finishing touches that will make everyone look at it as we have done since we first walked up the overgrown driveway.
So my first purchase was for the Bridal suite, “its just a chair” was someone’s reaction as I was getting quite over excited about my first piece of furniture….Its really not just a chair, its the chair that the bride will sit on and get ready for the biggest day of her life, its the first piece of furniture to be bought for the hall.
I had no idea when I left my last career of being Cabin Crew that I would have the opportunity to learn so many new things, and develop new skills… from interior designer to wedding planner, I’m not sure what I am more excited about, but I do think that if Grassfield Hall could talk it would have as much enthusiasm as me about the next phase of our lives.