Grassfield Hall – The Wedding Venue

What an exciting few weeks it’s been… I had a call from a marquee company, which lead to a succession of meetings with people who work in the wedding industry, all of which are just as excited as me about using Grassfield Hall as a new venue for weddings. I was under the impression that it was a cut throat industry, and I’m sure it can be, but my experience this week couldn’t have been further away from this image. In the space of a week, I have gone from feeling like I was swimming and unsure of which direction to swim in, no real idea of who to talk to or what steps to take to get me on the right path, and now I feel like a have a support network around me whom are all are as keen as me that this new venture succeed. I now know what to focus on and in which direction to drive my business forward in.
I have learnt so much from these people already that it is hard to imagine what lies ahead….
My vision is to tell a bride and groom their story before it has happened. Every detail accounted for, a step by step run through from the minute they pull through the gates and drive up to the house the day before the wedding, to the time they decide they want to leave. Exciting times ahead of us, I can’t help but think that this is what this house was built for!