Planning a luxury Christmas party for a small group

We know, we know, it’s far too early to be mentioning the C word, but the truth is, if you want to secure the best suppliers for your Christmas party, then it’s essential that you begin to confirm some elements now.

There’s really no better way to spread the festive cheer and boost office morale than by planning an unforgettable office Christmas party. Whether you’re a HR manager or an enthusiastic colleague volunteering for the task, a well-organised office holiday party can create lasting memories for years to come and foster a sense of togetherness among your colleagues.

If your team is small, then you have the fortune of being able to plan a delightful and intimate experience, and we are well-versed in hosting these at Grassfield Hall. To get you started, we’ve suggested some ideas below to help you get the vital parts sorted in advance…


The Venue:

When planning something special and unforgettable, your venue is everything. Hosting your party at a beautiful and elegant venue with lots of character means that you don’t really have to think too much about décor because it’s already there for you to enjoy.

Having a small group also means that you can incorporate a stayover as part of the celebration so that your guests don’t have to worry about transport or getting home late. It makes things extra special and luxurious being able to check in to a glamourous hotel room with plenty of space to relax and get ready in.

We love hosting Christmas parties at Grassfield Hall because it’s a very special time of year for us. We dress the hall with luxurious decorations, trees and accessories, and enjoy sharing happy memories with everyone who comes to stay.


The Date:

The festive season is hectic with so many parties and family gatherings to work around, and that’s without thinking about the client deadlines to meet before the office closes for the year.

Therefore, try to pick a date and time that work for the majority of your colleagues. Avoid scheduling the party too close to Christmas, as many people may have prior commitments then, and consider mid-week dates which might be easier for colleagues with children and weekend commitments. Thursday nights are a popular choice for parties here as they allow for a transition into a long weekend with the option to ‘work from home’ on Friday when there are likely to be some rather sore heads!


The Vibe:

Once you’ve got your dates and venue sorted, you can relax a little as the hardest parts are now sorted!

Choosing the vibe of your party is the best part. Perhaps you want a wellness theme complete with yoga lessons, a countryside hike and a smoothie bar to revitalise your colleagues after a busy year. Or, maybe music, dancing and amazing food are on the cards to celebrate a season of success. Either way, we can help you to create the perfect event without the stress and organisation from your side.

Themed parties are lots of fun and will give you a point of focus for the event’s finer details (invites, décor, dress code, catering etc.) Ideas such as Winter Wonderland, Vintage Glam, or Old Hollywood all offer that sophisticated and luxurious edge and are easy to interpret with minimal fuss but maximum effect.

The great thing about Grassfield Hall is that it caters to everyone and every theme; a stunning mirrored dining room for private dining, a cool bar area for cocktails and mingling and a cosy lounge area with plush seating around a roaring fireplace for guests to relax and re-charge.


The Entertainment:

Hiring caterers or a private chef will make your evening extra special and super slick as your caterer will take care of everything to make your dining experience seamless and restaurant-grade, including waiter service, drink service and clearing away at the end of the night.

And, when it comes to the food choices, festive menus don’t have to include the generic prawn cocktail or turkey options. You could opt for a Middle-Eastern banquet or mouth-watering platters of seafood and mezze spread across the table to share. White chocolate fountains are always fun and work brilliantly if you go for the Vintage Hollywood theme, as are champagne towers featuring stacked vintage coupes.

During or after dinner, you could also consider some extra entertainment to keep the evening flowing and your guests engaged. A professional magician, a tarot card reader or a caricature artist, for example, would be great choices. You could also opt for a casino night with roulette tables and blackjack, or even a murder mystery theme for more immersion and intrigue. For something a little lower maintenance, but equally as enjoyable, you could choose a cocktail-making or wine-tasting session with a knowledgeable sommelier from the local area, which most people tend to enjoy.

Ensure you remember the occasion with a photo booth complete with theme-appropriate props or hire a professional photographer to capture the fun and games.


Let’s get started!

We hope that we’ve now inspired you to start planning your festive office party at Grassfield Hall.

We still have a small selection of one-night stays left at the end of November and the beginning of December, so get in touch with Lisa to find out if your date is available.

We would love to help you to host THE party of the year with your friends and team members. We have a wide range of amazing contacts in the Yorkshire area that we can call on to ensure that every detail is perfect for your special occasion.


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