Bride & Groom Spotlight: What advice would you give to couples on their wedding day?

One of the best things we love about hosting weddings at Grassfield Hall is meeting such amazing couples. We take lots of time to get to know our wedding duos as much as we can so that we can tailor things to be exactly the way they want on their big day.

It’s important to us that all our couples feel confident and supported throughout their whole wedding planning journey as well as on the day itself. Therefore, we thought it would be nice to catch up with a few of our previous couples to see if they had any advice for future brides and grooms getting married here. Oh, and of course, we also asked them what their favourite thing about Grassfield Hall was too. After all, we all like to receive a few compliments sometimes don’t we?

Alex and Beth

“The best piece of advice from our own wedding would be to relax and go with the flow! It rained on our wedding day and because Lisa had the foresight to have umbrellas at the ready (something we didn’t think about) we made the most of it and took some wonderful photos. They ended up being some of our favourites from the day!

The best thing about having Grassfield Hall as our venue was the intimate feeling of the whole day. We were treated like part of the family which made every single one of our guests feel valued and relaxed. The family team at the Hall and the high-quality, local vendors couldn’t do enough for us which is something we still talk about 5 years later. It’s rare to find that kind of personal service. We couldn’t have wished for anything more, a truly stunning venue in every way.” 

Gayle and Shaun

“The best piece of advice would be – don’t waste any time or energy on stressing out. It’s a wasted emotion. You are marrying the person you love and want to spend the rest of your life with surrounded by your chosen nearest and dearest family and friends. The day is all about you as a couple celebrating your union so enjoy and indulge in all the positive energy. Also, every few hours, take a step back, look around and take a screenshot memory in your mind, and think wow, just how lucky are we – because it goes so fast.

The best thing about Grassfield Hall itself – being the stunning restored Georgian building, set in the beautiful Nidderdale countryside with elegant, opulent, yet unique and individual rooms would be enough in itself, but the best thing about having GH as our venue was Lisa….. the powerhouse who was willing to listen, be open to ideas, and driven to make our dreams aspire into reality.

We got married during the pandemic so, after 3 cancelled dates during what could’ve been the most stressful time, Lisa continually worked alongside us to keep everything calm, and with her expertise and guidance all those involved in the day remained co-ordinated in their approach to the final goal.

The day itself could not have been more perfect. From start to finish our guests felt welcomed, relaxed and “treated” We were complimented all day on the atmosphere with friends and family noting that, despite being surrounded by luxury, style and elegance……they didn’t feel out of place, and it genuinely felt homely. Each and every member of the team worked to give us our dream day and with Lisa’s recommended suppliers it was poetry in motion. We simply can’t praise Grassfield Hall enough. We started as clients, and we feel we’ve made friends.”

Murray and Jade

“The best piece of advice from our own wedding day would be…plan your wedding your way! It’s so hard to not get wrapped up in making sure that everyone else is happy, but it’s so important to put yourselves first and plan a wedding that reflects both of you…as at the end of the day, that’s who your loved ones are there to celebrate! On the day, stand back and take everything in that you finally get to see come together. You did that, be proud and soak it all in!

The best thing about having Grassfield Hall as our venue was…the venue is just stunning, with the most amazing views from all around. The gorgeous rooms where all your nearest and dearest can stay with you, and of course Lisa and the team at Grassfield who made our whole experience a dream from start to end. It had such a warm, family feel, and we loved how intimate our wedding was. It meant we could completely relax and spend time with everyone without feeling overwhelmed or stressed. It really was the best day of our lives and a lot of that was down to Grassfield Hall!


Anna and Kevin

“The best piece of advice from our own wedding day would be to relax and soak it all in! You’ve spent so long looking forward to it all and fretting over the details, make sure you enjoy the magic you’ve created and trust your suppliers to take care of everything else. As a couple, we took a few quiet minutes to ourselves throughout the day just to enjoy it with each other and watch it all go by. The day will fly by so cherish and enjoy every moment.

The best thing about having Grassfield Hall as our venue was EVERYTHING! It’s a gorgeous home from home where everything is personalised to you and just the way you want it. Lisa and her team are absolutely fantastic and work with the best suppliers. We felt so relaxed checking into Grassfield the day before knowing that our wedding was in the best hands, and we could enjoy all the celebrations with our friends and family. It was a truly perfect few days.”

Holly & Stuart

“The best piece of advice from our own wedding would be…do it your way! Focus on the reasons why you’re getting married to each other and celebrate those. You don’t have to include all the usual wedding traditions, create your own and make it unique for you.

Don’t stress about the little things. When you think back to your big day afterwards the memories you have will be what a beautiful wedding day you had celebrating with all your loved ones. Enjoy, have fun, and savour every moment of your special day together ❤️

The best thing about having Grassfield Hall as our venue was…the house is such a beautiful venue and it truly felt like it was our own home for 24 hours. We were able to plan our day exactly how we wanted and make it really personal. It was perfect for celebrating a smaller wedding and Lisa & Alex were brilliant from the planning in the run-up to the wedding to make sure it was perfect on the day!”


Courtney and Liam


“Our advice would be – do what you want and don’t let others have a say. Remember it’s YOUR day.”

What did you love about Grassfield Hall? “We cannot just pick one thing, Grassfield has the full package – from how well we were looked after, the scenery and the all-round hospitality to give you your perfect day! The venue feels like your own home for the weekend.”



For more info about weddings at Grassfield Hall and to check availability, please give Lisa a call on 07958 038134 or email


How to choose the right wedding suppliers?

We all like surprises occasionally, but when it comes to a wedding day, the fewer surprises the better in our opinion! That’s why choosing your suppliers carefully is so important. You want to be able to trust all your suppliers to do their job seamlessly so that you can relax and enjoy your day to the max.

Here at Grassfield Hall, we always stress the importance of great wedding suppliers. Therefore, we have compiled a handy guide for those of you who are in the process of organising your big day.

Trust your venue

Choosing a venue is an extremely personal choice and the first place you will undoubtedly start your wedding planning journey. As part of your venue selection process, it’s important to determine if there are any supplier restrictions at your venue of choice. Some venues have strict policies on caterers and entertainment suppliers that you must choose from, and you may not be allowed to use the supplier you wanted to work with or the photographer you love. Other venues may simply have a list of suggested suppliers they like to work with but don’t enforce. Either way, you need to know before you commit to anything.

Once you have confirmed your wedding venue, it’s likely you will organise a meeting with their team to go through all your requirements for the wedding day. It’s very important that you trust your venue as they will have had experience planning many weddings before and will be able to recommend suppliers who they know, firsthand, will do a good job. After all, it’s in a venue’s best interests to make sure the suppliers they recommend are reliable and efficient to make the day run smoothly.

It’s vital for us, as a wedding venue, to have a close relationship with all our couples so that we know each of their preferences and how they want the day to look and feel. We send all our couples a supplier brochure so that they can see all the local vendors we suggest and trust to make the day amazing and flawless.

Look local

Choosing local suppliers to the venue is not only a sustainable option (less transport and fuel emissions), but it also makes sense for ease and peace of mind. The last thing you want is your caterers stuck miles away on the motorway on the morning of your wedding with all your food in the back of their van!

Using local suppliers will also help to give your wedding authenticity of what’s so great about that particular region. From locally made wines to DJs with a local accent, there are many ways to embrace the surroundings in a big way. Another bonus is that using local suppliers will often come at a price reduction as there will be minimal transport fees added on and no expensive accommodation costs to pay.

Ask for referrals

Your caterers may claim to make the best Eton Mess in the world, but don’t simply take their word for it! Get as many referrals and recommendations as you can to be able to make a well-informed decision. After all, the best advice you can hope to receive is from other couples who have been in your exact position previously.

Take the time to contact previous venues they have worked with before in order to get to know the business you are interested in hiring. Their former clients are further proof of their success in designing a beautiful product or event. All good supplier relationships take time and trust to build, and these former partnerships can help validate that for you.

Look further than just the product

It’s hard not to get sucked in when you see a beautiful floristry display on your Instagram feed and not want to instantly hire that florist for your wedding day. But, before you do, it’s time to go beyond the product a little to see if their expertise goes further than just the flowers. In other words, there’s no use in hiring a supplier with an amazing product, just to find out that their service and delivery are completely inadequate and unreliable.

A good wedding supplier will provide the whole package – lovely product choice, a fair price, and great service. It’s totally acceptable to demand all three.

Get Social

Social media is an excellent tool for research and identifying great wedding suppliers local to your venue. From make-up artists to chauffeurs, hairdressers, and wedding cake bakers, you are sure to find lots of ideas for people and products you want at your wedding.

Once you’ve made a shortlist, you should arrange calls or meet-ups with two to three of each type of supplier. This may seem a little excessive, however speaking with multiple suppliers will help you with cost comparisons, as well as getting to know the suppliers a little better themselves before you decide.

Hire people you genuinely like

It is HUGELY important that you recruit a wedding army of people who you trust and genuinely like working with. Not only will you be spending many hours on your wedding day with your suppliers, but you’ll also have to work with them in the months leading up to the main event, so any clashing characters could cause unnecessary stress and anxiety. This is why face-to-face contact is always better before you confirm any of the important suppliers.

Ask yourself if you can see yourself going out for a drink with this person and feeling comfortable? If the answer is no, then you probably shouldn’t book them for your big day! Make it a joint decision too. Both members of the couple should feel more than happy with your chosen team. You are likely going to be spending a lot of money on this wedding, so you want to ensure you feel happy with all your selections.

Get everything in writing and put down a deposit

Once you have made your decisions on the suppliers you love, it’s vital you get everything confirmed officially. Word-of-mouth confirmations just won’t do. Although it may seem a little formal to ask for an official contract, especially if you’ve chosen a local hairdresser with whom you get on really well with, however, a written contract protects both sides and ensures you both know what you have committed to.

Contracts help to prevent any future disputes or wedding-related payment issues down the road. Plus, often suppliers are hired months or even years in advance, and when it comes to the run-up to the wedding, either party might have forgotten what was actually agreed all that time ago. Putting down a deposit also ensures that you are officially on the supplier’s books – so there is much less chance that they will let you down nearer the time.

We hope you have found these tips on finding the right wedding supplier useful. Our team at Grassfield Hall is always here to provide you with the most honest advice and all the suppliers we recommend are genuinely amazing at their jobs.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Lisa for recommendations of local suppliers in our area, or for any other wedding-related questions you have

10 springtime décor ideas for your next event

With the brighter mornings, lighter nights and daytime clear blue skies, it really feels like spring is almost here.

With springtime officially declared on the 20th of March, it’s time to start planning your next event with this wonderful season in mind.

From seasonal blooms to springtime colour pops, here are 10 ideas from Grassfield Hall to fill you with plenty of inspiration…

Beautiful blossom branches

With plenty of pastel-coloured blossom appearing on the trees, there’s no better springtime floral display than this. Select a few long branches with plenty of blossom buds on them and place them in a pretty glass vase or jar on your dinner table or resting on surrounding fireplaces. Whether you have friends over for dinner or are planning an intimate wedding, this idea is very flexible and can be incorporated into most interior themes.

Spring-inspired cocktails

Drinks don’t come more enticing than this! When choosing drinks to offer your guests, think about fruits and herbs that are in season at this time. This peach melba cocktail has been topped with chunks of fresh fruit and sprinkled with pretty petals for the ultimate tempting finish.

Eggs on branches

Easter is the perfect time to have some fun with your event décor. If your event is outdoor, you could hang hundreds of painted hollow eggs onto the branches of a nearby tree. Or inside, on the branches of a potted olive tree or palm. The key is for as much colour and diversity as possible when it comes to the decoration of the eggs, so get painting now!

Understated florals

Springtime flowers are so beautiful, that they don’t need to be overcomplicated. These stunning hydrangeas look gorgeous and natural in their clear jars and don’t need to be mixed with anything else. Play around with different heights using multi-sized jars and pair with crisp white table linens.

Gorgeous grazing boards

Not only can grazing boards make a fantastic and colourful visual impact on your dining table, they also offer a laidback and casual way to share food and engage in conversation with other guests. Swopping the usual starter course with a springtime grazing board can also be very cost-effective compared to individual servings.

Confetti lighting

Adding colour to an event space can often be tricky. You don’t want to go in too heavy or you run the risk of making the space look busy and chaotic. But then often sprinkles of colour here and there are not quite enough to make an impact. Confetti lighting bridges this gap by allowing you to keep your room décor simple but adding enough colour to bring the space alive. They also look fantastic once the sun goes down and the lights shine brightly around your guests.

Quirky centrepieces


Centrepieces don’t always have to be serious. And, springtime is a great time to have a play around. The above centrepiece idea is a play on a floral centrepiece, but with the blooms being made out of paper. Perfectly matched with beautiful floral plates, rose-coloured glassware and pretty pastel napkins. Lovely for a mother’s day lunch.

Coloured water vases

Colour blocking is still a big trend in both the interiors and the events world. And, this idea is just great for accentuating all the colourful springtime flowers. Choose a selection of flowers of varying colour shades, and then experiment with different food colouring samples until you get the perfect match of coloured water to place them in. A really simple idea with a big visual impact.

Bunny napkins


The only other thing better than the abundance of chocolate eggs during the Easter season is the cuteness of all the bunny-inspired accessories. If you are hosting an Easter party, then treat your guests to a cheeky table setting to fill them with joy. Here’s a quick Youtube video to show you how.

Floral lighting displays

Lighting displays don’t get much lovelier than this! Cherry blossom is the ultimate signal of spring and will brighten up even the plainest of room decors. Drape around pendant lights hanging over your dining table or wrap around standard lamps for a firm nod to the season of new beginnings.

Tips for the perfect small Yorkshire wedding

Here at Grassfield Hall, we are firm believers that bigger doesn’t mean better. In fact, we happen to think that the best things are bespoke and bijoux – especially when it comes to wedding days.   

After all, the day of your marriage should be about the love you two share and celebrating that with the people who you absolutely love the most. We definitely don’t think you should be spending the day worried about whether all your guests will get on together or whether you have spent enough time going around everyone checking that they are okay.

As well as the obvious budget implications a smaller wedding solves, it also creates a much more relaxed and intimate setting. It means you can spend more time with your close friends and family, and enjoy a more personal and unforgettable experience overall.

If you think an intimate wedding sounds like the perfect choice for you and your partner, then here we offer some tips to make your day all the more special.

Choose your venue carefully

If a guest list featuring hundreds of people doesn’t interest you, then it’s likely you are going to be looking for a Yorkshire venue that specialises in smaller weddings. Big hotels in Harrogate, York or Leeds can be great for those who want to invite lots of guests but can often feel too spacious or soul-less for smaller groups. Also, if your guest list is small, often hotels will try to fit more than one wedding on the same day, and do you really want to share the limelight with another wedding party?

Luxury private venues in Yorkshire, like Grassfield Hall, specialise in holding only small, intimate weddings so we know exactly how to make the most of your guest list. Here, we seat a maximum of 32 guests for your wedding breakfast, with the possibility of a further 25 guests joining for your evening celebrations. You will have exclusive use of the hall and its beautiful grounds during your stay and be totally looked after by our small family team.

Take time over your guest list

When your invite-list is small, you need to be very selective and your guests will understand this. You are perfectly entitled to say no to plus ones if you haven’t yet met the person, and many modern couples don’t invite children so that they don’t have to provide entertainment for them (and also so that the kid’s parents can relax a little more on the day too!)

Every single person you invite to a wedding this size should be someone that is close to you and you can’t imagine marrying without them there. A good question to ask is ‘Would we want to go for an intimate dinner date with this person/couple next week? If the answer is no, then they just don’t make the cut.

Go with local, recommended suppliers

Your wedding suppliers can make a big impact on the smooth running of your day. And, if you’re not living in the area you are getting married in, or are not used to planning events, then it can be pretty overwhelming when it comes to choosing your A team for the day. 

You really can’t beat the assurance from another bride or groom that the supplier you are considering provided and excellent service at their wedding. Although everyone has varying views on quality and style – it will help to know that your supplier has experience and rates highly with others.

Caterers, florists, photographers, and entertainers all rely on reviews and recommendations for future bookings, so don’t be embarrassed to ask them for recent reviews, images, and videos, or to be put in touch with a couple of previous clients that you can get in touch with.

We recommend choosing local suppliers, not only to offset your wedding’s carbon footprint but also to get the most out of the beauty of the local area. North Yorkshire is home to amazing caterers who specialise in seasonal, Yorkshire produce, as well as florists who get their plants and blooms from local growers.

Focus on your favourite things

A big benefit to having a small wedding is that you will be spending less money on the number of guests coming and can therefore put more budget towards all the things that matter to you as a couple.

Together, write down a list of what your priority items are: it could be having Michelin star food, a special type of champagne that you love, beautiful floral displays in every corner of the venue, an open bar for the whole day, a live music act that you’ve heard before or going all out on your clothes and accessories for the day.

Try to focus on two to three priorities and then make those the stars of the show when it comes to designing the look of your reception.

Personalise it all

When you have only a few select guests invited, the nano-details matter, and personalising certain things can make everyone feel so much more special and appreciated.

Why not get creative with your place cards: you could write guests’ names on small potted orchids; personalise mini bottles of champagne; use crystal birthstones for everyone coming, or even ice their names onto pretty biscuits.

With your saved budget, you could hire a calligrapher or illustrator to handwrite each order of service, menu, and place setting with your guest’s name and maybe even a sketch of the guest – just imagine how beautiful they will look on the seats as your guest arrive. 

Take the stress out of it

We know that planning a wedding can be exhausting, no matter how big or small they are. With so many things to consider and remember, it’s nice to share the load with someone who you both trust and can rely on.

Our small, family team at Grassfield Hall wants to be the one to take the stress away from you. We work extremely closely with our couples so that we get to know them personally. Unlike many other venues, we will liaise with your suppliers directly in the run-up to the event, to ensure everything is planned to perfection, meaning that you can really enjoy the days leading up to your big day with the safe knowledge that everything is under control.

Every small wedding is so special and important for us too. And, we will do everything in our power to make things even more magical than you imagined.


Considering a wedding in 2022 or beyond? Contact Lisa today to talk about your plans and arrange a date to come and view the hall.

Ingredients for a perfect New Year’s Eve

In the current climate, many of us are opting for scaled-back celebrations with a few special people. And although the group might be smaller, it doesn’t mean that you need to lack on fun! Small New Year’s Eve gatherings can be even more enjoyable as you get to enjoy each other’s company more and really spend quality time together.

Intimate dinners and cocktail parties are definitely the way forward this year, so here are some key ingredients to ensure you let 2022 in with style.

A great venue

Many of us like entertaining at home in our own comfort zone, however, if you love hosting but want a change of scenery, then why not hire a private venue to accommodate your group?

Private hire venues are great at NYE as you can enjoy dinner and fun during the evening, as well as sleeping over and having breakfast together on New Year’s Day (sore head or not!).

Here at Grassfield Hall, we can sleep up to 16 people for a private hire, with a dedicated dining area, bar area and lots of cosy places to relax and catch up with those you love.

Delicious food

Nothing makes a great party like amazing food and drink. The nice thing about hosting in a private venue is that you can either choose to cook yourself or hire local caterers to take the hassle away.

North Yorkshire is home to some fantastic caterers, so you really are spoilt for choice. You can also choose whether to have caterers prepare food at the venue and serve you and your guests at the table. Or, another option would be for your caterer to prepare you a big sharing dish, for example, a curry, casserole or paella, so you can just pop it in the oven before everyone arrives, and then dish out later.

As it’s going to be a long night – try to space out the food as much as possible. Start with canapes or nibbles when people arrive about 7.30 pm, serve the main course around 9 pm and consider saving desert until around 10.30 pm so people aren’t starving as the clock strikes midnight! You could always have some bacon sarnies or toasties to serve in the early hours if it’s going to be a late one!

Fun & entertainment

Eating and drinking will take up a lot of the night, but it’s nice to have some other things up your sleeve to entertain your friends and family.

Perhaps you fancy a games night with poker, roulette or a darts championship? Or maybe Cherades, Pictionary or Jenga are more your thing? Either way, a few games can help people relax and get into the swing of the evening.

A great playlist can also make your evening more enjoyable, especially if you have space to dance. Choose some uplifting but softer music for dinner, and then crank up the volume and the beat later on when everyone has kicked their shoes off!

Thoughtful details

Memorable events are all about the small details – the flowers, the name cards, the candles, the treats.

Think of a theme that you want to have for the night and make everything consistent. For example, if you are having a casino theme, then you could give everyone a wad of play money next to their dinner plate, as well as Bond-inspired music on the playlist.

Gold and silver are popular colours for New Year’s Eve – so you could use sparkling confetti on the dinner table, as well as golden party poppers and crackers in these colours.

However you choose to spend NYE this year, we hope you have a fantastic time! And, remember, if you are looking to plan a party or event in 2022, then Grassfield Hall could just be the perfect place to host it!!

Wise words from a 2020 Grassfield Hall Bride

Its been a rollercoaster ride for couples planning their wedding this year. The ups and downs, and will it won’t it happen has been enough to test any relationship, but our beautiful bride Melissa from a wedding we hosted in September here at Grassfield Hall, sums up what is really important….All you need is love!

A little bit more history

The Collins Family

In 1896 the Collins family took up residence at Grassfield House. The head of the household, Major Collins was a Royal surgeon, and met his wife, Olympie Amelie, whilst travelling to Mauritius with the Army. Their seven children were all adults by the time they moved to Grassfield, we are not entirely sure which children lived here in permanent residence, but we know that if they didn’t all live here they were here often, as their second daughter Amy was a keen photographer and took many photographs of her family with the Yorke family socializing together as they were known to be good friends.

Frank the eldest of the seven children was a headmaster at a school in Dulwich. William and James were both in the army  along with Earnest Collins who would become Major E R Collins, commander of East Lancashire Regimental Depot, and later returned to Pateley Bridge to become mayor! James a solicitor in Kensington was married to Dolly, and you can see them pictured together in many of the photographs. Henry, the youngest child born in 1877,  was also a solicitor in Surrey until, like his brothers,  he joined the army in 1914.  Louisa Amelie was the first daughter and sadly died in 1916 after they moved from Grassfield. Amy,  the 2nd daughter was not found in many photographs as she was behind the lens. Her photographs are proudly displayed all around Pateley Bridge and here at Grassfield Hall. I think she would be extremely impressed to know that people valued her work over 100 years later.

Like the Hutchinson family, we felt that the Collin’s were a huge part of the history here at Grassfield, and so have their photographs proudly displayed and have even named several rooms after them.

After the Collins family moved out, the Yorke’s sold Grassfield Hall in 1925 when the Bewerley Estate was broken down for death duties. We are lucky to have found and purchased the sale brochure from when the of the Bewerley Estates were sold.

The history of Grassfield Hall

The Hutchinson Family

Grassfield house as it was known in 1810, was built by entrepreneur Teasdale Hanley Hutchinson, who, while the house was being constructed, lived across the river at Harefield Hall. The Hutchinson family leased and managed local lead mines in the area, and previously  had been involved with lead mining in Alston, where one of their mines was said to be called ‘’The Grassfield Mine’. Teesdale started construction of the house in 1801 and built it to stand proud on the edge of Pateley Bridge with spectacular scenery surrounding it.

Teasdale lived in the house with his wife Elizabeth, and their first son Hanley was born at Grassfield House in 1811. Teesdale and Elizabeth lived in the house until they passed away. Elizabeth died in 1837 at the age of 61, and Teasdale lived until the age of 77.  After this in 1845 the house  passed to their firstborn son Hanley. The 1851 census tells us that living at the house at this time was lead merchant Hanley Hutchinson, his wife Charlotte, their two sons Teasdale aged two and Charles age 2 months,  plus four servants

In 1883 after his wife had passed away, Hanley moved out of the house to Whitfield Lodge in Ripon, as he said the house was too big and lonely for him! He spent the remaining few years of his life in Ripon. It is at this time that the Grassfield Estate was sold to John Yorke of the Bewerley Estate.

In 1888 John Hawkridge Metcalfe and his wife Adeline move in as tenants.

1895 the first Pateley Bridge Agricultural Show was held on the Grassfield Estate. After this first year it was moved to its current location on what was the Bewerley Estate, now the Pateley Bridge Show ground.

Where will you go on holiday this year?

Staycations at Grassfield Hall
Around 18 months ago we launched our first house rental here at Grassfield Hall,  Renting the entire house and gardens to one group of people for a family get together.  It worked like a dream, in fact it seemed like the house was made for this purpose, people coming together to celebrate their Special occasion and filling the house with fun and laughter.
During the past year we have mixed our house rentals with bed and breakfast nights and small weddings which has worked perfectly.
The recent pandemic has changed how every business operates and also how we all live our lives, so going forward for the next few months we will be focusing on our house rentals. Getting families together after they have been apart for so many months feels like a perfect way to use the house.
We love helping our guests plan their perfect stay here at Grassfield, and to assist you we have written a guide, including information about private dining experiences in the house with some of the most talented chefs In in the region. We can also recommend suppliers to make your stay memorable, what about having a murder mystery night, or a magician to entertain you after dinner or splash the weekend away in a hot tub.
Locally the area has so much to offer, waking with llamas, trekking the Nidderdale Way or having an adventure at How Steam Gorge, one thing is for sure, you will have a fabulous time.
We have some incredible special offers for rentals which are more than 2 nights long, our brochure has all the information.



Your Wedding at Grassfield Hall

Small is beautiful – Isn’t that what they say?
We agree and love hosting our intimate Weddings at Grassfield Hall
So many couples are now thinking about having a small wedding. The idea of an intimate ceremony with your loved ones with you as you say your vows is incredibly special.  At Grassfield Hall we help you plan every detail so that on the day you can just relax and enjoy every second knowing you are in the safest of hands.
We can offer a one or two night wedding weekend, hosting 38 daytime guests, with our team coordinating the day. 16 of your guests will stay with us and have a champagne breakfast to start the celebrations. Your beauty team will pamper your bridal party before the ceremony and reception begins. Extra evening guests may join you after the wedding breakfast and you can dance the night away with our fabulous resident DJ.
Our brochure has details of prices and what is included.
It’s so important to us that your wedding is unique and it’s exactly the way that you dreamed it would be.