How to stay calm and relaxed on your wedding morning

The lead-up to your big day is full of both excitement and nerves. It’s very easy to become overwhelmed by all the organisation and decisions you need to make for a wedding, and it’s normal to feel apprehensive in the days and weeks running up to it.

Before you know it, the morning of your marriage will come around, and this should be a really important and enjoyable part of your day. It’s the chance to take time for yourself, to spend time with friends and family, and to make yourself feel amazing and comfortable in your wedding attire.

So, to help you prepare for a calm and relaxing wedding morning, we have written up some

top tips on easing into your day with zero stress and maximum enjoyment…

Arrive at your venue the day before 

No matter what time you choose to get married, the hours running up to it seem to go very fast. Therefore, we always advise our wedding parties to arrive the day before the wedding, in order to feel settled before the big day arrives.

You want to make your wedding morning as chilled as possible, so you definitely don’t want to be dashing around or travelling across the country in bad traffic, which is likely to make you feel very anxious.

We also encourage couples to arrive an hour or so before their guests the night before to get settled and unpacked. Once you have done this, any initial nerves will be eased, so you will be ready to welcome your guests and show them around the venue like it’s your own home!

Have a great night’s sleep

It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of seeing friends and family that you might not have seen for a long time. However, remember that you want to feel refreshed and full of energy on your wedding day, so an early night is a good option.

Your nerves and excitement might make it a little harder for you to drift off to sleep that night, so take time to have a nice, relaxing bath with oils, download a sleep meditation and practice some mindful breathing exercises to help you ease into a peaceful slumber. Try to avoid too much alcohol or rich food the night before, as these will affect both your sleep as well as your mood the following day.

When you wake up in the morning, remember to have a nutritious, light breakfast, such as fruit, granola, and yoghurt, as well as herbal tea to keep any nervous stomachs under wrap!

Hand over the stress to someone else

It’s likely you and your partner will have had to make hundreds of decisions in the lead-up to the wedding, including the selection of your venue and suppliers including musicians, caterers, and florists. But, once all the decisions are made and you are happy with your selections, it’s time to hand over all the hard work to your venue team to manage.

Here at Grassfield Hall, once you have had your final meeting with us and the timeline is complete, then you’ve really handed over all the stress. We will be in contact with all your suppliers on your behalf, ensuring they arrive at the right times and come to the right places. Don’t worry about timings or room turnarounds…that’s our job and good suppliers keep the timeline in their mind at all times. You can simply relax knowing that you’re in safe hands and we will take care of every detail just as you want it.

You can also hand over some tasks to your bridal party too. Perhaps ask your bridesmaids to prepare a chilled playlist for you all to get ready to or bring along some calming scents or candles to use in your room to create a peaceful vibe.

Choose the perfect place to get ready

The room you get ready in on your wedding morning is very special as it’s likely to feature in many photographs and will also be the place where you share many lovely moments with your family and wedding party before you say “I do”.

Your bridal suite should be light, spacious, and have a great atmosphere that makes you feel happy and relaxed. Many of our couples choose our Dolly & James Room as their wedding suite for its calming caramel and gold tones, which blend in perfectly with all wedding themes (not to mention the heavenly sleigh bed!). We also have an area outside the bridal suite for the make-up and hair team to work from, so that the bridal suite can be kept tranquil and tidy at all times.

If you suffer from anxiety or are especially nervous about your wedding day, then try to only surround yourself with the people who have a calming effect on you. It could be your mum, your sister or your best friend – and just politely ask everyone else to get ready in their own rooms, telling them you need some space and want it to be a secret when they see you later on. Everyone who has been married before will 100% understand your need for time to prepare.

Enjoy each moment

The most important piece of advice to remember is to savour every moment of your wedding morning. It’s all part of the amazing experience that you will remember for the rest of your life.

We provide complimentary fizz for the ladies getting ready and can arrange golf or cycling for the men if they want to leave the house for a bit. We generally have a long breakfast on the wedding day so that people can come and go between getting ready, and it’s a very social occasion.

The bride may like time to herself to think about the day ahead, maybe take a jacuzzi bath with her favourite products or simply sit and chat to friends on the sofa, reminiscing about great times together. We can even suggest a nice short route for a walk in the beautiful surrounding Yorkshire Dales if you fancy some fresh air.

Whatever you choose to do, be sure you allow for plenty of time as you don’t want to feel rushed at any point. We recommend that you aim to be ready an hour before your ceremony begins – this means you can be relaxed and ready to go while allowing time to enjoy being with your bridal party.

We absolutely love hosting weddings here at the Hall and do everything we possibly can to make each day as magical as possible – with all the special touches that make a difference.


If you haven’t yet selected your wedding venue, we would love to hear from you and arrange a time for you to come and look around the venue so we can give you some inspiration on how your wedding day could look.

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